Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Praying For Your Future Husband

As I read through Proverbs 31, I stumbled across a line that left me confused. It read "she brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life." (Proverbs 31:12) Huh? All the days of her life? Even before she met to him? 

We as Christian girls have a huge responsibility to follow in her footsteps. This fictitious women has set the bar pretty high. How can we bring our husbands good all the days of our lives if we don't even know them yet?

I’ve always loved the idea of being a valiant prayer warrior for my husband. And this very important Proverbial line challenged my belief that I had to wait until I met him to do so.

If I wanted to do him good all the days of my life, praying for him, even as a single girl seemed like a great way to move towards that goal. 

The first time I tried I couldn’t come up with the words to say. After all, I don't know him yet, how will I know how to pray for him? If you're stuck and confused on how to pray for your future husband, here are the three areas I continuously include in my prayers.

Pray for his purity. God created guys to be visually natured. This means that sensual images can be extremely tempting for most guys. We as girls don't experience this as much because we are generally wired differently.

But this small fact is vital to understanding how we can pray for our future husbands. They are visually stimulated creatures living in an extremely graphic culture. They face the temptation to lust each day.

We as Christian girls, can pray that God would guard our future husband's hearts and minds. 

Pray for his wisdom. Throughout scripture we are told to ask for wisdom. (James 1:5) The guy you'll marry will be the head of your home. He will need the right kind of wisdom to play out his role. 

Our culture offers out wisdom on a silver platter. Much of this so-called wisdom is contrary to gospel truth. Our future husbands face the risk of falling prey to ungodly wisdom each day. 

We can pray that God will guard their hearts from lies and offer them discernment to know what’s true.

Pray for his purpose. Despite popular opinion marriage wasn't created just to make us happy. Although it certainly can bring happiness, the primary function is way more cosmic. We as Christians are called to live a purposeful life for Christ. Marriage is no different. The two of you will serve a heavenly purpose as a married couple. We as Christian girls can pray that our future husbands grow in their purpose.

Today's culture paints purpose as secondary to entertainment. We are constantly distracted by movies, music, video games, etc. Although these things aren't bad in moderation (as long as they’re not pushing out ungodly messages or images) when we spend majority of our time in the face of entertainment, we wrongly steward out time.

This is sadly a huge area of concern for many guys. A 2007 study showed that the average gamer spent 17 hours a week playing video games. We can pray that our future husbands learn the art of stewarding their time in a godly way. 

You are certainly not limited to these areas when praying for your future husband. But the reality is, the guy you’ll one day marry is roaming the earth, possibly struggling in some of these areas. Praying for him now is a great way to serve him, doing him good all the days of your life.

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What are some thoughts you would like to include when praying for your future husband?

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  1. Wow thanks for this great insight. I knew about praying for him before I meet him but I never thought of it this way.