Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Why I'm Not Celebrating Halloween

"Trick or Treat!" screamed my friends and I. I grew up in a pretty small town where there was always one particular place to be on Halloween night-- a popular neighborhood for everyone to go trick or treating. Despite the fact that we were high-schoolers and past the age of door to door candy hunting, it was strangely normal in my small town. 

I decided that year, that i'd give Halloween a try. I dressed up as bunny so I wouldn't be participating in evil. And so far it seemed to be working. The bible told me that I was a child of the light, not darkness (1 Thessalonians 5:5), and being a bunny amidst zombies, and witches definitely seemed like I was off to a great start.

As I continued through the neighborhood I began to notice something. People in evil clown costumes, zombie masks, and all other evil disguises, kept on chasing me. I would get scared and run, until they'd finally leave me alone.

And I began to wonder, why do these people think it's funny to chase me in these evil looking costumes? Don't they know I don't celebrate evil? The answer was clear, they thought I was enjoying it. That's the normal part of Halloween, people want to be frightened by evil. No one saw me as a light separated from darkness. They just saw me as another participant in the celebration of death. 

Really quickly, I want you to open up a new tab, enter into your google search bar the words "Halloween." Then click images. What do you see? You'll quickly notice graphics of witches, Frankenstein, ghosts, and zombies.

Be honest with yourself, this holiday isn't just some innocent and fun day. It's a celebration of evil.

Your google search bar isn't lying to you. It's there plain to see what the true theme of Halloween is. This holiday as a whole is centered around the very things Christ has died to overcome-- death, darkness, and evil. 

So is there a way that we as Christian girls, can "get in" on the "Halloween fun" without celebrating the evil?

Well, this is a widely debated question. One that you'll have to form your own personal convictions on. But when I was forced to face this question, I quickly decided that I would not celebrate Halloween and here is why:

1. Christ calls me to be a child of the light

As you can see in the story above, I failed miserably when I tried to be a child of  light on a dark night. Although in my heart I may have hated all the death and evil that surrounded me, no one else was able to see that. I wasn't acting set-apart, I wasn't glorifying God. 

If I had made the choice  to say no to trick or treating, I would have been able to set an example of Christ like set-apartness. Everyone would have been able to plainly see where I stood on the topic of evil and Christ could have been glorified.

2. Christ is on the opposite side of evil, so, I should be too

That Halloween night I asked myself the question that's so widely asked in many moral Christian issues, "how close can I get?"

Instead of seeing Halloween as evil and running far away in the opposite direction, I wanted to know how close I can get to celebrating it before I've joined in on the darkness. The issue with this way of thinking is it reveals a giant heart issue, I didn't truly hate all the evil that was being celebrated. How can I hate something but want to get so close to it?

So, the choice is yours. How are you going to use this day? Are you going to get in on all the horror, and evil? Or are you going to follow Christs example, and live a counter cultural life everyday of the year, even on Halloween.