Friday, November 3, 2017

Becoming a Woman Who Lives By Truth

Have you ever had a moment where you learned that an opinion that you've held completely contradicted biblical truth? I sure have. In fact, I remember being twelve, walking through church when an older woman approached me to gently remind me about modesty.

In that moment I grew furious. I told her, that she's living in the past and that her way of thinking is oppressive. She quietly reminded me of what the bible had to say in this area. To be honest, I didn't really see it that way. My opinion on the matter was very different than what the bible actually had to say.

I began to come up with a million reasons why those verses don't even apply to today. I began to twist scripture to fit my belief. Looking back at it now, I see just how little my teenage self actually lived by truth. Instead, I lived by feelings and popular opinion. 

My guess is, I'm not alone. You may believe that the bible is the primary source of truth but once it challenges an idea you've held so strongly to, you begin to wonder how you can fit your opinion into the bible rather than letting the bible shape your opinion.

But as Christians, we can't afford to lose sight of truth. We can't afford to fall prey to the deceptive lies from the world around us. Here are a few tips to becoming a woman who lives by truth.

Let the word of God reign over your feelings

This can be tough. We live in a "follow your heart" culture where we've been groomed since childhood to go with what feels right. 

But walking in truth has little to do with feelings, and everything to do with allowing biblical truth to govern our emotions and actions. The bible tells us that following our hearts are solid way to end up in the wrong direction. Instead, we need to lead our hearts to truth. (Jeremiah 17:9)

Turn to scripture for the answers to your questions

Have a question? Just think about the thousands of sources you could turn to for answers. 

Want to know about beauty? There's magazines for that.

Want to know about romance? Read a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Searching for your identity? How about feminism.

Literally, there are thousands of messages begging for us to buy into them. But instead of looking to feminism, or Seventeen Magazine for truth, opening up God's word is how we as Christian girls can discern which messages are true and which messages are poisoned by lies.

Run all outside opinions and beliefs through God's truth

Instead of just accepting everything that sounds good, a women who lives by truth will hold everything that she hears up to biblical truth.

The world tells me I need to love myself more, well God's word tells me that I already love myself, and that I need to learn to forget myself. (Ephesians 5:29; Matthew 16:24)

The world tells me that my value comes from my personal accomplishments and physical beauty, well God's word tells me my value comes from Christ alone. (Matthew 6:26; Matthew 10:29-31)

The word tells me that abortion should be a woman's choice, well God's word tells me that what goes on in the womb is His choice. (Psalm 139:13)

See how it works? Not everything that sounds good is good. That's why it's super important that we allow the word of God to be the lens that we measure all other beliefs through.

As Christian girls, we have to remember that God's word isn't just some opinion among many other belief systems. No, the bible is the truth about the past, present and future. It's instructions are timeless.

Our opinions and beliefs must always be shaped by God's word. 


  1. Amen!! As I've progressed in my faith since being saved almost two years ago, I've given up my opinions and submitted them to God's truth. Modesty, courtship, biblical femininity, controlling emotions, etc..

  2. I love this post, it's really clear and encouraging. God bless you!