Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Christian Girls and Modesty

The music was blaring, the people were jiven', everyone was having a good time. As I stood through the crowed at this local concert, I looked around and noticed something. Most of the girls wore short shorts, extremely low cut shirts, yoga pants, or extremely tight dresses. Half-naked female bodies were everywhere.

No i'm not talking about some secular rock concert. Not some everyday rap concert, either. This was a show for a local Christian band. And the girls in the crowed were everyday Christian girls.

We live in a culture where raunchiness, and hyper-sexual outfits are considered to be beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, even Christian woman are falling for the bait. Many Christian girls have given into the idea that wearing very little or skin tight clothing will enhance their beauty.

As Mary A. Kassian points out in her book Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild, "Nowadays, there is little difference between the appearance of a prostitute and the appearance of what the world upholds as a sexy, attractive woman."

And she's right! Our culture encourages women to degrade themselves every chance they get. And the worst part is, they call it "empowering." But what's empowering about stripping down to nearly nothing so that our bodies can become the object of consumption to a bunch of random guys? 

As Christians, we need can't look to what the culture thinks clothing. We have to look to God's word.

God cares what we wear

Many Christian girls don't think God's command to dress modestly is important because it seems like a "less important" issue. If it's not murder, or even theft, then whats the problem?

Well, God cares what we wear because our outward appearance is a direct indication of our inward heart. As John Piper states it, "until you supremely value Christ, your attitude towards clothing will be controlled by forces that don't honor God."

Just take one glance around you. Our culture murders babies like it's nothing, praises premarital sex, and glorifies vanity. It's not hard to see that the world around us is lost and confused. We as Christian girls, have the opportunity to make a bold statement for Christ by rejecting raunchiness and dressing modestly.

We can't let the evilness of this world control or even influence us. We are on a different path, towards Christ. We should be the ones influencing them. If we truly value Christ in our hearts, we will be glad to dress in a way that pleases him.

Understanding modesty from a biblical perspective

Modesty isn't just some useless command in the bible. It actually echoes a very important gospel truth. When we wear clothes, we are mirroring the covering that Christ places over our sins. We are telling the gospel story through what we wear.

Don't believe me? Check out Genesis. Before the fall Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed. (Genesis 2:25) But after the fall they became ashamed of their nakedness. (Genesis 3:7) They were seeing for the first time the faultiness of their human nature. With mercy, God covered their shame by providing them with clothing. (Genesis 3:21)

Fast forward, the new testament proclaims that Jesus covers our sins and shame through his blood. We aren't told to throw away our clothes and go back to walking around naked. No, instead we are told to dress modestly. Why? Because we're reminding the world that God will always cover our sins and shame. Modesty tells a powerful story. 

As Christian girls, our number one priority must be to glorify Christ. When we dress raunchy and immodest we do the exact opposite. Instead, we glorify ourselves, our bodies, and our culture.

Christ wants his daughter to be extremely, boldly, and even counter-culturally beautiful. He wants his holy nature to shine through us. But part of being truly beautiful is following God's lead on modesty. 

We were created by his skillful hands (Psalm 139:13) He made every curve and crevice on our bodies. And he knew exactly which parts should be exposed and which should be covered. As the creator of beauty, he knows what makes us beautiful. And modesty is a part of that plan.

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