Friday, November 24, 2017

Enjoying The Holiday Season When There's No Guy In The Picture

The cold air, the sentimental talks, the sweet gifts, the holiday season has a way of stirring a lot of different emotions in people. Holiday traditions about snuggling next to the fire place and romantic gestures underneath mistletoe's can be tough on a single girl longing for marriage.

I remember attending an ugly sweater party where we'd exchange gifts with our friends. At first the party was fun, everyone was laughing and hanging out together. Until the night started to slow down and all the couples began to drift off into personal, romantic conversations. I quickly realized, I was one of the only single people there.

Seeing everyone enjoy the holiday season in a cute romantic way made me long for a guy even more. I felt bad for comparing my life to theirs but all I could think about was how blessed they are to have one another.

Little did I know there were a few truths about singleness that I was missing out on:

1. Singleness is a blessing
2. Marriage, alone, won't bring me lasting fulfillment and joy

With those two truths implanted in my thoughts, I decided it was time for me to strategies. I needed a plan on how to change my holiday blues into chestnut cheeriness.

With a different perspective we all can transform our holiday season:

Look beyond our desire for a guy- Having a desire for marriage isn't wrong. In fact, it's great. It  can point us to a possible marriage and even better, it points us to Christ. All of our deepest longings are a shadow of our greatest longing to be with Christ. So when we're tempted to dwell on our desire for a guy, we can remember, our deepest longing is Christ. He is the only one who can truly fulfill us.

Ultimately, when we look beyond our desire for marriage, we see a beautiful savior. If we keep gazing at our desire for a guy as some unmet longing, we'll miss out on the beauty it's meant to remind us of.

Choose gratitude- Something i'd always forget when the romantic holiday feelings come creeping up on me, is that the holiday season isn't about romance. It isn't about guys. And it isn't about marriage. In fact, it's about something so much greater.

We have a savior, who being God, came to earth to dwell among us. How amazing is that! We receive salvation through Christs triumphant plan. Than just a week later we see a new year. We celebrate Christs coming, than we're given a new year to tell others all about him.

Now, I don't know about you but there is so much to be grateful for, that choosing to be thankful doesn't seem like much of a challenge. Instead of focusing on unmet desires, meditate on the true meaning of the holiday season.

Trust our good God- One of my favorite verses is "If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!" (Matthew 7:11) God is our father, and like any father he loves to give his children gifts.

Sometimes he knows that certain gifts aren't good for us, and that other gifts are better. He also knows exactly when each gift should be received. He's not only giving but he is wise. So we can trust in our good, wise God to give us what we need, and to withhold what we don't.

This holiday season, let's chose to look beyond our desire for a guy, be grateful, and trust in God. No matter how many mistletoe's or holiday love songs we pass by we can be sure that as children of God, every longing will be eternally met.

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