Tuesday, November 28, 2017

When Being Seductive Gets You Noticed By Guys

Taylor Kelly was the "perfect" girl. She walked and talked in a way that left every guy in awe with her presence. Whatever guy she wanted, she got. And every girl wanted to be her.

What was her secret? Taylor spent her time learning the art of seductiveness. She knew just what to wear, how to talk, and how to pose. She mastered the craft of sexiness and was devoted to attracting every guy that she desired.

It almost didn't seem fair. Taylor had every guy wrapped around her finger meanwhile I just wanted one guy to notice me. Right there I had a decision to make. Was I going to follow Taylor's lead and become a sexy, seductive girl?

If you look around, it may seem like sensual, seductive girls are getting all the male attention. And in a sense you may be right. We live in a time where even many guys have fallen victim to our cheap, raunch culture.

But are these the kind of guys we as Christian girls really want? Shouldn't we as Christian girls save our seductive pull for the guy who will love us in marriage? And does our worth really come from our ability to get a guys attention?

Let's dig deeper:

1. Any guy worth having won't be chasing after sexy, seductive girls

It may seem like the seductive girl is what every guy is after. But a truly Christ-centered guy won't interested in a girl that's enticingly drawing others to herself. Instead, he's searching for a girl who is pointing other towards Christ.

The key here is to stop trying so hard to attract guys and focus on following Christ. When Christ is the central focus of our lives, we will naturally radiate an attractiveness that no seductive girl will be able to top.

As Christian girls, we don't want the kind of guy that's after every sexual girl because we know a truly set-apart guy is searching for a truly set-apart girl.

2. God created our seductive allure to be a gift to our husbands, in marriage.

God created us to have the ability to seductively allure our husbands, in marriage. He created us with the ability to be sexually captivating to one man alone.

Our culture has taken this good gift and sold it in mass production to every cheap buyer that wants it. We are told to speak seductively, wear sexual clothing, tease guys with enticing pictures, and even go as far actually have sex with them.

But this robs us of the intimacy that God created our seductive pull for. When we take what was meant to be private between husband and wife and use it on every guy that walks by, we lessen it's intimacy.

Our bodies, sexual speech, seductive pictures, and sensual clothing can all be a great blessing for our husbands to enjoy. Not boyfriends, not Instagram friends, and not random guys we hardly know. We as Christian girls need to preserve this wonderful gift for our husbands, alone.

3. Our worth has nothing to do with our ability to allure guys

Male attention is a top area where many of us girls misplace our worth. If guys are noticing us than it's easy to feel like a valuable girl.

But Christ gave us value through his blood. We are loved and cherished by him. But the surest way to understand how powerful this truth is, is by looking beyond ourselves. Looking at who Christ is and what he's done.

Getting attention from guys may give us a temporary sense of worth, but nothing can compare to the truth of our worth found in Christ.

As Christian girls, we have two options, seductively attract guys to ourselves, or use our lives to glorify God. Instead of focusing on how to get a guys attention, let's be girls who are bringing attention to Christ, alone.

*Disclaimer: I use fake names throughout this blog to protect the privacy of certain individuals.

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