Tuesday, December 5, 2017

3 Persuasive Reasons to Dig Deep Into God's Word

I still remember getting my very first bible. I had to have been no more than twelve years old. It was just a regular NKJV, black, hardcover, standard bible. But nonetheless, I was excited. That is, until I began reading it.

For a few days I enjoyed it, but when I got to the more complicated stories, the ones with the most thous, begots, and shalts-- my time in the word began to dwindle.

I have a feeling I may not be the only one who's had this experience.

Today, even many churches have resolved to using the bible less in their sermons, small groups, or even bible studies. The popular idea is that the youth don't want to attend churches that preach straight from the bible.

And in a sense, their right. We've failed to truly fall in love with Gods word. We no longer view it as important. We are willing to let a preacher or small group leader tell us who God is, rather than see it for ourselves in His word.

But that's so dangerous. We can't afford to place our relationship with God into the hands of other people. And we can't have a relationship with God without knowing His word.

When it comes to the bible, we can easily lose interest when we don't have a solid understanding on why it's so important to study it in the first place.

That's my hope for this blog today, I hope that it will inspire you to dig deep into God's word with these three persuasive reasons:

1. God's word is how we know God- My preteen self would never have thought that my lack of interest in God's word was equivalent to a lack of interest in God, himself.

I sort of viewed God as God, and his word as something entirely different. But the truth is, the only way to truly know God, is by truly knowing His word. Otherwise, we may end up worshiping counterfeit versions of God.

2. The bible offers us truth in an age filled with lies- It's no secret that we live in an age that's very counter-biblical. Modesty is being viewed as oppressive, God's design for marriage is being labeled as an old time tradition, and pornography is being painted as the ultimate source towards a healthy mind.

These lies, however, are obvious. But there are so many more subtle lies being fed to us each day. God's word is our only defense. God wants us to be sanctified with His truth. As John writes, "Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth." (John 17:17) Without a solid understanding of the bible, we'll likely fall victim to some horrific fibs. 

3. Understanding God's word helps us to love God's ways- Have you ever felt a bit uneasy about something you've seen in God's word. Maybe, you found out that something he commands counteracts with a popular feminism idea you held. Or maybe you came across something that sounded harsh towards humanity.

But no matter what it is, God's word is good. The only way we are going to fall in love with the ways of God is by having an understanding of them. As we read through His word, we'll begin to see just how good our God is. It will reveal the world's unholy, wickedness, and we'll fall more in love with God's holy, goodness. Then, we'll be able to truly, joyfully walk in His ways. As the Psalmist rejoices, "Blessed is everyone who fears the LORD, and walks in His ways" (Psalm 128:1).

The bible is a timeless book. It's how God speaks to His people. Every time you open up His word, you are hearing from God, Himself. That is part what makes the bible so great, the God of the universe uses it to speak to us. You certainly don't want to miss out on this incredible read!

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