Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Taking Modesty Into the Gym

A few weeks ago I decided it was time I go shopping for some new workout clothes. If you could have seen how worn out all of my exercise clothes had gotten, you would have stuffed me in your car and rushed me to the nearest sports gear store in seconds.

Excited to finally snag some cute, new workout outfits, I began to peruse the isles slowly. It was in that moment that I realized this shopping spree was going to be a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. 

As I looked around, all I was noticing were skin tight workout pants, extremely short workout shorts, sports bras, and skin tight, low cut tank tops. I was beginning to realize just how difficult our culture is making modesty for Christian girls.

If you go to your local gym, go jogging on trail, or attend an aerobics class, you'll soon notice that modesty is rarely taken to workout. In fact, I've come across many Christian girls who practice modesty everywhere but at the gym.

Whenever I ask why, three popular responses usually come up:

1. There aren't many modest workout clothes
2. I need to be comfortable when I workout
3. I want to show off my progress

These may seem like all great reasons but when we dig into God's word, we find out that he doesn't believe so.

Finding modest workout clothes may be hard but it's not impossible

As I mentioned earlier, finding modest workout clothes seemed nearly impossible for me. And many Christian girls share that same struggle. But as time went on, I began to learn a little secret: We don't necessarily have to wear the clothes the way they're sold.

When I workout I love to wear yoga pants and place some very loose shorts over them. I also tend to skip over the low cute tanks and go with a nice tee-shirt instead. There are also lot's of Christian, modest workout clothing websites to shop on.

We may have to get a little creative but modesty is not impossible.

Personal comfort should not overrule biblical commands

Throughout scripture, modesty is commanded several times. (1 Timothy 2:9-10; Peter 3:3-4; Peter 5:5) One of the most popular reasons why Christian girls leave modesty at the gym door is because wearing immodest clothing to workout feels more comfortable.

So we can follow scriptures command, or do what seems to be more comfortable. As Christian girls, we should always place God's word over our own comfort. In the end he knows what is best.

Ultimately his truth should be the very thing that brings us comfort. Dressing immodest at the gym shouldn't be comfortable for Christian girls. When our hearts are truly turned towards loving and serving God, we shouldn't be okay with doing what he hates.

We don't need to "show off our progress"

"If you got it, flaunt it." That mantra pretty much sums up our cultures mindset today. The popular idea is, to show our bodies off, especially if we've been working hard in the gym. Naturally, our workout clothes begin to get shorter and tighter.

This may seem totally okay, why not show off our hard work? Well, modesty, as much as it manifests itself in our physical appearance, is mainly in the heart. This "look at me" attitude that our culture is trying to promote is the exact opposite of what God wants from us.

God wants us to turn others to Him, not ourselves. 

Working out modestly, may be a counter-cultural idea but we serve a counter-cultural God. We can let go of the excuses, and bring modesty back into our gym wear.

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  1. I've just been thinking this through again! Thank you for your post!