Friday, December 15, 2017

Why Christian Girls Should Join The Fight Against Porn

I was standing in line at my local grocery store when a girl appeared next to me wearing nothing but underwear. With her hands she covered the top half of herself. Seductively, she puckered her lips and with an alluring smirk, she posed sensually. Her half naked body there for all to see.

Later, I learned that this women was a huge celebrity, with her half naked photograph plastered across every magazine cover, I know I wasn't the only distracted shopper in the grocery store line.

Have you ever stopped to think about how crazy it is that our culture publicly displays raunchy pictures and encourages nudity nearly everywhere. I certainly did. So I did a little research to figure out how we got here and I wasn't too surprised with what I found.

The porn industry became popular shortly after the 50s, several years prior to when a popular pornographic magazine came out. You may know the name. Does Playboy ring a bell? 

The interesting thing is, playboy began because some men wanted to "enjoy the benefits of women" without the "responsibility" of selflessly loving and providing for us. Men began flocking to these magazines like a magnet to a fridge.

Fast forward to now and the porn industry no longer hides in the dark corners of men's garages. It has become mainstream. Just log into instagram, walk past a ordinary magazine stand, or watch a simple movie, porn is unavoidable.

We are all being trained to view porn as normal, whether it's hardcore internet pornography. Or softer versions of this disgusting sin. 

At first glance, it may seem like no big deal. But is it really? 

If we read through scripture we'll notice a fascinating theme, many biblical writers often professed a desire to watch what they allowed their eyes to view.

In Job 3:31, Job professes that he has formed a covenant with his eyes not to look lustfully at women. The fact that he used the word covenant marks the significance of what he was saying. A covenant isn't just some ordinary promise, no, a covenant is a binding promise. Much like the covenant God has with us. 

In Psalm 101:3 David says "I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not cling to me."

The bible makes a point to watch what we view because our eyes in a sense are a window to our hearts. 

Matthew 5:28 makes this claim when it says that just looking lustfully at women is equal to committing adultery with her in the heart. 

As Christian girls we may not struggle with lusting after the half naked women we see (although it's not uncommon for women to face this struggle.) We tend to be affected by porn in other ways. 

Porn affects both guys and girls in very negative ways. I am going to highlight four of these ways, but this list in no way is exhaustive.  

1. Porn trains guys to view women as objects

One of my favorite truths about true biblical manhood is God's design for guys to be protectors of women. Part of the protective instinct treads over into protecting our purity. A truly Christ-honoring man is built to protect the purity of women around him.

Porn hijacks the male brain and trains them to no longer be protectors of feminine purity but conquerors of it. It teaches guys to no longer selflessly love women, but to view women as objects created for their pleasure.

2. Porn cheapens God's design for sex

Can you imagine your life without a microwave? If something got cold, we would have to wait for it to warm up on the stove. But believe it or not their was a time when microwaves didn't exist and people got along just fine.

Well, porn works similar to our lives with microwaves. We live in a time where we want what we want and we want it quickly. Fast food, and Instant oatmeal all bear witness to this fact. These luxuries aren't necessarily bad. In fact they're blessings in many ways.

But when we take this mindset into sex, it becomes dangerous. Porn offers both men and women instant gratification-- sex on demand. What we want, whenever we want it. No commitment, nothing. But this isn't what God created sex to be. Sex is a beautiful celebration of a commitment already made between husband and wife. This is how sex displays the gospel story. Anything else is a lie.

3. Porn destroys intimacy in marriage

Because porn offers sex on demand, marital intimacy is under attack. A common side affect of a porn ridden marriage is a lack of intimacy. This is so sad because God offered us the gift of marital intimacy but Satan has dangled a counterfeit in our face and we are biting the bait.

Instead of taking the time to put in the effort to enjoy one another sexually, husbands and wives have turned to Satan's cheap trick of selfishly enjoying a computer screen instead.

4. Porn forces us women to misplace our identity and worth

Last but not least, porn forces us women to view our worth from the wrong lens. We see these perfectly shaped women, and we begin to think less of our own bodies. We start to believe the lie that we need to look like them to truly be valuable.

But our worth does not come from our physical appearance. Porn never offers us that truth. Men lusting after women's bodies only tells us that our bodies are our most valuable aspect.

Porn doesn't encourage women to think of ourselves less, but instead encourages us to think of ourselves more, compare ourselves more, and lose our identity and worth into our physical appearance.

As Christian girls, we can join the fight against porn. We don't have to let it become normal in our lives or even the lives of those around us. 

Here are some tips to joining the fight:

1. Know the truth about porn
2. Don't participate in porn whether it's hard porn or soft porn (sexting, sexual pictures on social media)
3. Encourage guys to a higher standard by respecting yourself  
4. Encourage modesty among your friends

No matter how acceptable porn may be becoming, it will never be acceptable in God's eyes. As Christian girls, we can't forget the battle that's going on around us. We can be warriors for Christ by joining the fight against porn.

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