Friday, January 19, 2018

3 Life-Changing Beauty Tips For Every Christian Girl

For hours I sat in front of my computer screen perusing through YouTube for some beauty tips. I'm not sure how many videos I'd watched, I had honestly lost count when I was twelve videos in.

For a long time I had felt insecure about my eyebrows. With the constant change in eyebrow fads, I felt like I could never really enjoy mine. They're super thin and I look funny when I try and draw them thicker.

So I was devoted to figuring out how I can make my eyebrows look good. But after spending hours in front of the computer screen I realized, obsessing over physical beauty only made me uglier.

Beauty in and of itself is great. God created it as a gift and wants us to enjoy it. But like most gifts, physical beauty can be taken to the extreme and become a huge idol in our lives. As you could see it definitely became an idol in my life at one point.

When the bible talks about physical beauty it gives us a few hints as to what God thinks about it. We know it's a gift he gives us, but we also know this gift isn't meant to last forever. Proverbs 31:30 reveals to us that physical beauty is fleeting. It doesn't last.

But the good news is, true beauty doesn't end when physical beauty fades. No, true beauty lasts forever, into eternity. 

Instead of spending hours in front of my computer trying to find ways to be more beautiful, I decided to check out God's word. And boy, did I find some amazing beauty tips that i'd be selfish not to share.

1. Fear the Lord

Right after King Solomon got done writing about beauty being fleeting, he goes on to mention that a woman who fears the Lord should be praised. 

In today's modern church culture, fearing the Lord isn't exactly a concept many like to talk about. We'd rather see God as our friend or really cool dad than to think about fearing Him. But the truth is scripture tells us to fear the Lord many times. (Psalm 112:1; Proverbs 10:27; Psalm 34:7; Luke 1:50; etc.)

This kind of fear is less of a shaking in your boots kind of fear (although it can certainly be that way, sometimes.) and more of a reverence sort of fear. 

If you met the president of the United States, you would probably be on your best behavior. You would speak kindly, dress appropriately and respect his authority.

Similarly, when we truly fear the Lord, we become more obedient to His commandments. We respect His authority and we start to become truly beautiful.

2. Trust the Lord

Proverbs isn't the only place that speaks of beauty in the bible. Peter also had something to say about the topic. In 1 Peter 3-4 Peter tells us not to focus on outward beauty but to let our beauty come from within through what he calls a "quiet and gentle spirit."

For a while I thought to have a quiet and gentle spirit meant I should speak softly and bat my eyes a lot. But that wasn't quite it.

When the bible speaks of a quiet and gentle spirit, it means a spirit of trust in the Lord. In fact we even see this Proverbs when David praises his wife because she "laughs at the days to come" (Proverbs 31:25.)

The bible's most beautiful women are described as women who put their trust in God-- cultivating that beautiful, quiet and gentle spirit.

3. Be others-focused

Last but certainly not least, one of the quickest ways we can turn ourselves into ugly girls is by being self-focused. 

Throughout scripture we are commanded to love others and to serve others. No where does it ever tell us to learn to love ourselves (hint: we already love ourselves too much!), worry about our self-esteem, or any other form of self-contentedness. But every magazine screams that true beauty is all about self-confidence and self-love. The bible, however professes the opposite.

The Proverbs 31 women's beauty was radiated through her desire to serve her family and her community. She was an others-focused woman. True beauty doesn't come through focusing on ourselves, but focusing on loving and serving others. 

The more we die to self, the more we look like Christ. And that is where true beauty is really found.

These three tips for me were life changing. No, they may not land us on the cover of seventeen magazine, We probably couldn't get a modeling gig with them either. But, these tips are worth more than any modeling gig, they have eternal value.

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