Friday, January 26, 2018

4 Tips For When Studying the Bible Seems Boring

Sierra was sixteen when she first decided she'd study the bible deeply. On her first day, she was super excited to open up her brand new, sleek black, hardcover, bible.

Once her bible was open she began to read. She did this for about three days then slowly, her time in the word began to decrees. Before she knew it, she was hardly ever reading the bible at all/ Although she hated to admit it, the bible was sort of boring to her. She didn't understand how people around her could have so much fun reading and studying it.

Does this sound familiar to you? You're not alone. Many girls find it difficult to find the desire to dig deep into scripture and understand it for themselves. We truly want to know God but we don't particularly enjoy reading His word.

As sad as this sounds, so many girls are struggling with this today. I decided to come up with three tips for getting through being bored with the bible:

1. Let your love be action

Instead of letting our feelings and emotions decide whether or not we\'re going to study our bibles, recognize that love is action. And if we truly want to express our love for God, we need to be willing to go against our feelings and open up His word.

2. Start out with an easier translation

I have always loved reading the ESV translation. It is understandable and accurate. I recently got a copy of the ESV study bible and it has amazing clip notes that can help make bible study a lot easier to understand.

3. Use a solid bible study aid

I am currently using a bible study book on 1 Peter by Jen Wilkin. I love using bible study books to help walk me through what i'm reading and help me notice things that i'd miss. Jen Wilkin also has an awesome Podcast that she studies different books of the bible through with her listeners. It's titled "Flower Mound Women's Bible Study" and it's completely free!

4. Remember that you are getting to know God

When we read the bible as merely an exhaustive list of rules or stories about random men, it can grow a bit daunting. But the bible is actually one big story about God himself. When your reading, recognize that each person and event is being used by God for His masterful plan. You are getting to know Him, His ways, what he loves and what he hates.

Studying the bible is not boring. God himself is being revealed to us and nothing could be more exciting. With these four tips, you can dive into scripture and meet Him for yourself!

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  1. I'm sixteen, and this post has been a major blessing for me, as my desire to read and study God's Word is a rollercoaster.