Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Four Popular Guy Questions Answered

Guys. Dating. Marriage. Friendships. It all can seem so complicated. I remember being in high school completely confused about guys as a whole. I had mile long list of questions.

I even found myself searching for answers in some very horrible places. 

We live in a culture where you can get the answers to your guy questions in less than a second. There's pop magazines, secular women's blogs, and even television talk shows. 

But we have to stop and ask ourselves, are their answers truly right. 

The only way we'll be able to maneuver through our guy questions and come out with the right perspective is if we view them through a Christ-centered lens. 

So I decided to write this really fun blog post answering popular guy questions that I had as a young girl, combined with questions that you have sent me.

Where can I go to meet a truly godly guy?

I totally get it. You look around and it seems like there are no true godly men anymore. And if there are- they're taken. But over the years I've actually had the pleasure of meeting many truly Christ-centered guys.

True Christian guys won't be where most guys are. They're not at the local bar or any other place that isn't Christ honoring. These are the guys spending their Friday nights in fellowship with other Christians, maybe studying the word personally at home, or even attending bible studies. There out on the mission fields, taking on church projects or spending time with their families.

So if you want to meet a truly godly man, you have to be and live like a truly godly woman.

How can I tell if a guy likes me?

I found myself asking this question very often in my teenage years. I always wanted to have a specific formula for measuring whether or not a guy was interested in me or not.

But here is the cold hard truth. You'll know a guy likes you when he pursues you. 

I used to hate hearing this answer, but it's true. If a guy is truly interested enough, he will make an effort to pursue your heart. If not, he won't.

I know some guys are more shy than others, that is true. However, most guys, if they want it badly enough will muster up the courage. And if he can't because he's too scared than you should really take a step back and ask yourself if this is truly a guy that can one day lead your family.

Is online dating okay?

One of the most widely pondered questions among Christian singles is whether or not to online date. Based on what we know about marriage, it's a good and worthy pursuit. Throughout scripture we see men and women alike pursue marriage. 

And that's great. Online dating, however, does add in some extra complications. But on the other end, it does also help solve other complications of "regular dating."

Online dating can be a wonderful tool for a woman of marrying age to pursue marriage. But you would have to be extremely careful.

If you are considering online dating boundless.org has some great resources to help you figure out if online dating is for you and how to go about it.

Can a guy and girl be just friends?

When it comes to guy-girl friendships, they can totally work. However, in today's culture not very many people know how to be friends.

I remember walking into a room an seeing a girl cuddling really close to a guy, I asked her how long the two of them had been dating and she said "oh no, he's just my friend."

And that right there is the problem. Guys and girls can only be friends if there are healthy boundaries between their friendship. Things like late night texting, cuddling close to each other, and even flirty conversation is not what friendship looks like.

In order to have healthy friendships with guys, we as Christian girls need to set stern boundaries.

So there you go. Four popular guy questions answered. If you want to know more about dating and relationships I wrote a blog a few weeks ago with my top five favorite books on dating and marriage. Check it out!

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