Friday, January 5, 2018

Getting Through A Tough Breakup With God's Truth

A few years ago I had been in a relationship that I truly thought would end in marriage. Everything seemed great, the chemistry was there, we both shared similar values. That is, until the red flags began to appear.

Long story short, after taking a step back and evaluating the relationship from a different point of view, I realized he wasn't really a great guy for me after all. Despite all the excitement and feelings I had towards him, I knew I had to end the relationship.

I was devastated. I had to come to terms with the fact that something I truly wanted wasn't going to happen. Not with him anyways.

After looking to God for truth in this area, I began to feel comforted. God's word offers us truths that can help us view our tough break ups through a better lens. Here are three truths that helped me get through my breakup:

1. God is sovereign.

Don't fall for the lie that God doesn't care about the small details of our lives. He does. But he wants us to trust that he is sovereign over them. The bible tells us that God is working things together for our good. (Romans 8:28)

We may not see the goodness of what He is doing right away, in fact, we may never even see it on this side of eternity but we can trust that God knows what He's doing, even with the small details of our lives. His plan is always good.

2. Christ is all we need.

When going through a difficult break up, it's easy to feel like our entire world has caved in. But as Christians, we need to hold fast to the truth that Christ is our world and nothing and no one can separate us from Him.

Everything else we receive is a gift. But we don't need them. Christ himself is what will ultimately bring us lasting joy.

3. Focusing on helping others is better than sitting through self-pity.

Grief is a normal human emotion. But sometimes we can grief in some pretty awful ways. I remember reading an article that advised girls to grab a huge tub of ice cream, a few rom-coms, get into bed and cry their way through the days.

The truth is, sitting around day after day, feeling sorry for ourselves isn't a very great way to handle a break up. I quickly learned that the easier days during my break up were the ones that I was busy loving and serving other people. When I finally took my mind off of me I was able to feel the freedom of Christs joy.

Breakups can be tough. But keeping these three simple truth in mind and in action can make a world of difference in this difficult season.

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