Friday, February 16, 2018

5 Ways Feminism Undermines God's Authority

I remember being eleven when I heard my pastor mention something about men being the head of their homes. I had seen it modeled by my parents and had even heard my dad talk about it, yet something wasn’t sitting right with me.

I remember thinking “isn’t this the kind of thinking that feminism frees us from.”

There I was just eleven years old and I was already questioning God’s authority. I wasn’t trying to intentionally, but before I could truly understand the fullness of God’s design for His creation, feminism’s poison had gotten to me first.

My world view was being formed around the ideologies that feminism was preaching.

And i’m not the only one. Chances are, if you’re living in this day and age, the lies of feminism have probably effected your way of thinking too. It may effect you in some big ways, or maybe more subtle, small ways.

Feminism is not just a movement for equality

One of the biggest lies that women believe is that feminism is just some movement for equality. We look at where we were a few decades ago, and glance at where we are now and want to pat feminism on the back for freeing us from the shackles of oppression.

And though I don’t doubt that feminism has done some good, it has done so while undermining God’s truth.

I remember sitting with a friend drinking a Mountain Dew when she mentioned how bad it is for my teeth. You see, Mountain Dew, unlike most sodas has a specific acid that makes it worst for your teeth than any other soda.

But still, the sugary drink gave my taste buds a joy that made me never want to stop drinking. So I didn’t. Mountain Dew after Mountain Dew, I drank almost daily for months. And behold, I ended up with a cavity.

We tend to approach feminism the way that I approached Mountain Dew. We want to focus on the good, and ignore the bad. But the issue is, the bad that comes with feminism is a lot worst than a small cavity.

God’s truth is on the line. We as Christians are called to be defenders of truth (2 Corinthians 10:5)

That being said, we can’t sit around and pretend that feminism is a God honoring movement. Not when it rejects so much of His truth and replaces it with lies, lies and more lies.

Here are 5 ways that feminism undermines God's authority:

1. Feminism discourages women from being homemakers, meanwhile God encourages women to be homeward bent.

The bible instructs us as women to be the keepers of the home. (Titus 2; Proverbs 14:1) It's no secret that feminism doesn't agree with this. Feminism believes that women need to be liberated from the home.

If you want to know more about God's design for woman, the home, and how our culture has impacted our thoughts about it check out this blog post titled "3 Lies Our Culture Tells Us About Homemaking"

2. Feminism despises male leadership meanwhile God designed men to be leaders.

One of the main issues that the feminist movement brings up is male leadership. Feminism doesn't view male leadership as a good thing. When men take on the initiative to lead, feminism discards it as patriarchy.

Have men abused their leadership position? Some certainly have. But the bible actually warns us of this in Genesis 3:16. The answer to this issue isn't found through feminism but through God's truth. Feminism believes the answer to the problem is by ridding us of male leadership altogether. But that is far from what God commands. When we lean on God and the power of His word, we can use truth to combat the issues, rather than turning to feminism.

3. Feminism encourages sexual freedom meanwhile God demands purity.

Sexual freedom and immodesty, are now a huge part of the feminist movements quest to equality. The idea behind this is that women aren't truly free until they can dress how they want and have sex whenever they want. 

This is a direct attack on God's word that commands both purity and modesty. (1 Corinthians 6:18; 1 Timothy 2:9-10)

4. Feminism encourages woman to be pro-abortion, meanwhile God values each and every human life.

The feminism movement preaches that women should have the right to abort their babies so long as they chose. But the bible never gives us that option. It never tells us that we have the right to murder a child created by God.

The feminist movement has done a great job at hiding behind the idea that a fetus is not human. However, the bible disagrees. God tells us that he formed us in our mothers womb, placing value on the life that we call a fetus. 

5. Feminism believes in male and female sameness, meanwhile God created us to function differently

One of the most popular feminist quotes is by Gloria Steinem where she mentions "We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons, but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters."

Feminism boldly proclaims that women and men need to function interchangeably and that gender roles are an issue that society constructed on it's own. However, the bible celebrates the differences between femininity and masculinity because both of these genders are meant to bare the image of God in unique ways. (Genesis 1:27)

Feminism doesn't plan on submitting to God's authority. We don't need feminism to set us free, God's truth already does.

Instead of working to spread feminism and it's ideologies, we should be working to spread God's truth. It's His truth that will set us free. It's His word that is our sword. (Hebrews 4:12) Don't fall for feminism's lies. They're nothing but age-old tricks of Satan.

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  1. This brought clarity to my heart. Thank you.

    Any thoughts on grown daughters in the home? Something I've been struggling with. I'm 23. Was homeschooled, did not go to college, still live with my parents. The siren call of independence - "breaking free" and doing things the way the world does - is something that's been plaguing me for two years. I've prayed persistently about it. Surrendered my will, my desires. But as my father is head of the home - and doesn't seem to see us moving out or making those sorts of decisions till we're married - it seems to go againat that is to dishonor him, which I will not do. I don't know what standard to hold myself to in this area. The line is very blurred between how the world goes about these things and how Christian families do. Am I wrong for wanting independence? Do I simply need to wait and trust God more? (I think its the latter.) Does my father's heart need changing or does mine? I feel small and pathetic and useless a lot of the time. Compared to my peers who are all working jobs, living on their own, and fully independent, I feel like I'm still a teenager, waiting to have those things. I'm very home/family oriented which is something that comes naturally to me and has been cultivated in me. I want to be a wife and mom. I'm not very career-minded but... Its an endless circle and more than anything I don't want to offend the Lord or my parents. I guess I'm tired of not knowing whether or not I'm supposed to be making my own choices or whether it's God's will for me to continue as a quiet, submissive daughter until God sends me a husband.
    Would love to know what your thoughts on this are.