Friday, February 2, 2018

A Single Girl's Guide to the Month of February

February. That time of the year when everything is red, pink, and wrapped in chocolate. Some people love this month, others can't stomach it. But one things for sure, the season is unavoidable. Every grocery store, television commercial, and online ad has something to add to the Valentines Day palooza.

Looking back, I didn't always take on February with a joy-filled spirit. Nope, there was no real pep in my step, and I saw every heart holding teddy bear as an evil object whose sole existence was to taunt me about the fact that he seemed to be doing better in the romance department than me.

In fact, without the proper perspective on singleness, I didn't exactly handle February well at all.

Let's take walk down memory lane.

One Valentines Day, when I was sixteen, I made it a goal to find a boyfriend by the next Valentines Day, the upcoming year. Then I turned seventeen and I was still single. And so I made that same goal, again and again and again.

And every year that I didn't reach my "goal" I grew more and more disappointed. It seemed as if everyone had a happy relationship except for me.

I saw singleness as some horrible curse and a boyfriend as a beautiful blessing.

You might feel the same way. You might feel like singleness is a burden you no longer want to bear. February has a special way of heightening those negative emotions.

But I've come to share with you this: we don't have to be bitter towards our singleness.

It wasn't meant to be a curse, and it wasn't meant to be some place holder for marriage. Singleness is a God given gift and a special calling.

In fact, Jesus, Himself, spent His entire earthly life and ministry living as a single man. He accomplished many things and lived out His full ministry without a Valentine in the picture. Jesus is a wonderful example of how singleness is not just some lesser role.

Like marriage, singleness is a beautiful, wonderful calling.

So how can we survive this month with Valentines day being thrown into our faces? We need to take on a new perspective towards singleness.

As great as marriage is, it's not the promised land, and it's certainly not our savior. What we crave is so much deeper than any human relationship. Our deepest longing can only be met by Christ.

So instead of focusing on a lack of romantic love this Valentines season, it's time we focus on Christs love and how we can show that back to others.

Here's a few cute ideas:

- Buy candy and Valentines gifts for your friends and family.
- Throw a singles only Valentines Day party.
- Help a married couple out by babysitting and do Valentines Day crafts with the kids.
- Bake Valentines Day treats and hand them out to people you love.

We don't have to spend Valentines Day moping on the couch, sulking at romance movies, wishing it were us being kissed. Instead, we can look around at the abundance of love and relationships that we do have and celebrate this wonderful gift of love.

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