Friday, February 23, 2018

When Telling Others About Jesus Seems Terrifying

She was the star athlete at her local high school. Winning championship after championship, Marlene finally began getting calls from colleges. She was being offered full ride scholarships to some of the best colleges in the nation.

Everyone thought she was so brave. She had the guts to play a tough sport. She was the poster-child for courage at her school.

But no one knew that Marlene was struggling deep inside. When it came to Jesus, she was way too nervous to tell people about Him. Instead, she kept Him locked away in a secret box, deep down in her heart.

Like Marlene, many of us may appear brave, but when it comes to sharing our faith, we get too scared to talk about it. We often think thoughts like:

Will it scare them away?
Will this make things awkward between us?
Will they get angry with me?
Will they reject me?

And with these scary thoughts we shy away from giving others life-giving truth.

I remember the very first time I tried to tell my friend about Jesus. I was at my high school lunch table, and I knew if I scared her off i’d have to sit all alone. I’d be humiliated.

But, after pushing all of the doubt filled thoughts aside, I went ahead and began speaking about Jesus.

And to my surprise, she wasn’t angry, it didn’t make things awkward, in fact, after the conversation things went on like normal. Everything was fine.

Not every experience that we have with sharing the gospel will go that smoothly. But it’s worth taking the risk for. I’ve learned that there are many reasons why we should tell others about Jesus.

You have been given the truth.

When you think about it, it could have been you and I who didn’t really know much about Jesus. It could have been you and I who didn’t have the life-giving truth in us.

The reason we know Jesus and His truth is by grace. Ephesians 2:8 reminds us that God hinself is the reason for our faith.

Love others by giving them truth.

One of the best ways we as Christians can respond to the gift of being given the truth is by going out and giving it to others.

If we truly love those around us, we should want for them to know Jesus and His truth.

Trust in the power of the gospel truth.

Often times when we tell others about Jesus, we believe the lie that if someone runs off without being changed, we’ve failed.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to handle the truth carefully but that doesn't necessarily mean people will always respond well to it. Our job is to act as loving messengers. How someone reacts to the truth is beyond our human power.

We need to trust that God’s word truly is a powerful tool and it will change the hearts of those God intends for it to change. (Acts 13:48)

Live each day to please God rather than people.

When we live to please God, telling others about Him is a given. When we live to please others we tend to shy away.

Paul made it very clear that the reason that he’s able to minister despite what people thought of him was because he was living to please God rather than trying to please man. He also makes it clear that we can’t try and do both at once. (Galatians 1:10)

Telling others about Jesus can be frightening, but as His children it’s our duty. It’s also one of the highest privileges we can have, we get to participate in God’s work of rounding up His elect. What an awesome task!

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