Friday, March 16, 2018

When a Crush Turns Into an Idol

He’s a Christian.

He’s fun.

You like him.

In fact, you like him so much, that he’s all you think about. You wake up in the morning and the first thing that you do is check his Instagram account. You know all that there is to know about this guy, you’re crushing hard and you’re obsessed.

Does this sound like you?

I know I can think of a few times in my life where this story fit me perfectly. Not even five minutes would go by without me drifting off in a daze about my crush.

At first, it may seem kind of innocent. Afterall it’s only a crush, right? Wrong.

Crushes are great. Most relationships start off with someone having a crush. But even a crush can turn into an idol.

When we think of idols, are minds usually draw up an image of some sort of gold or wooden statue. But idols don’t always come in wood or gold, sometimes they’re made of living, breathing flesh. Sometimes they’re the people we love most.

As i’ve said, crushes in and of themselves are good. There’s nothing immoral or wrong about having a crush. But we can’t let our crushes turn into our god.

So how can we know if this is us? How can we know we’ve turned our crush into an idol? For me it was asking myself this short, yet very important question and thinking through the answer with honesty.

Who am I looking to for ultimate joy and satisfaction, Christ or my crush?

I thought Christ was the source of my joy and contentment, but as I digged deeper, I learned that I wasn’t satisfied. I had more than a desire for my crush, I was truly unhappy with not dating him.

I thought, “if only he was mine, then i’d be happy.”

He became the god that I depended on for my joy.

As great as guys may be, they make lousy gods. It may seem like all you need is for your crush to notice you, but the truth is, even that will leave you unsatisfied.

In John 4:4-42 we see Jesus meet a woman by a well. He asks her where her husband is and she responds by saying she doesn’t have one. Jesus confirms that doesn’t have a husband but has had five.

Then he tells her that the man she is living with now is not her husband. She is stunned that he knows so much about her.

But what’s really interesting is the analogy Jesus used before he spilled out her beans.

He tells her whoever drinks from the water in the well will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the “living water” will never thirst again.

This women was looking for satisfaction in all of the wrong places. Jumping from guy to guy. Each time she must have thought that this guy will fulfill her longings. And each guy probably satisfied her for a little while, but through time she’d grow thirsty again.

Christ is the living water that we thirst for. Don’t believe the lie that your crush is all you need to be satisfied.

When we’re tempted to idolize our crushes we can remember the truths that will set us free:

- Only Christ can truly satisfy me.
- Christ is in full control even with the little details of my life like a crush.
- I don’t have to have everything that I want to be content.
- Learning to love Christ with all my heart and mind will lead to joy.

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