Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Why I Pray For My Future Husband

As I read through some of my old prayer journal entries I realized I included my future husband in a majority of my prayers. I barely let a week go by without praying for him.

Some people may think this is odd, praying for a guy that you don’t even know exists. And at first, I remember feeling awkward about the whole thing. I knew absolutely nothing about this guy that I would be praying for, week after week.

But as time went on, the concept grew more and more normal. Fast forward to now, I make it a point to pray for my future husband at the start of each day. 

I remember being asked if I believe praying for my future husband is a healthy thing to do. 
Afterall, not every girl gets married. But the reality is, majority of women do in fact get married. God only set apart a small few to live the single life Paul described in 1 Corinthians 7.

Marriage should be the norm for most women (and men) and that’s a good thing. From the beginning of Genesis we see that God created marriage to be a good part of His perfect creation.

I personally pray for my future husband for two main reason:

1. He struggles through battles each and everyday.

Can you imagine being a guy today where the cultural flow is generally against men as a whole. Male leadership is dispised and male purity is extremely difficult. We are all human beings who have to battle against our flesh on a daily.

For guys, the temptation to be passive is high when male leadership is frowned upon. And sexual purity can be really tough when there’s x-rated images, and immodest clothing in every corner.

We can be our future husbands own little prayer warriors. And God can use our prayers to help our future husbands through their daily struggles.

2. I want to serve him through prayer

I’ll be honest, I tend to spend a good deal of time praying for myself. And though it’s a great thing to pray for our own personal struggles and relationship with Christ, we also want to serve others by praying for them as well.

I know when I am married I would want to keep my husband in my prayers all of the time, so why wait?

I think it’s wise to slowly start to learn how to pray for the guy you’ll one day marry, and prepare your own heart to serve him.

When the idea first came to me, I struggled with finding things to say when I was praying for him. I decided to dig into my bible to see all that God calls men to be. Then I looked around me to see what most guys generally struggled with.

I ended up finding three continuous areas to pray for my future husband. 

1. His purity 
2. His wisdom
3. His purpose

In “Praying for Your Future Husband” I dig deeper into why I chose to pray for him in these three areas. 

You’re not limited to any specific formula when it comes to praying for your future husband. I chose to pray for him in those three areas, but you can say whatever you want. 

God can use your prayers in some very powerful ways.

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